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S&W Seed Company offers many different varieties in Sorghums, Forages, Alfalfas, and Sunflowers. We keep Sorghum Partners milo and forage seeds in stock during the spring/summer planting season, but can also order in any seed you choose. Let us help you find the right seed for your operation to help you have a rewarding harvest!


Sorghum Partners offers a wide variety of Grain Sorghum and Sudan seeds. Check out the products listed below or click the logo to visit Sorghum Partners website to learn more about all the different seeds available. To learn more about a specific variety click the variety's photo to see a full spec sheet.

All pricing is per 50# bag.

Sorghum Partnes

SP 43M80 S/I

Medium-Early maturity grain with high Sugar Cane Aphid tolerance and excellent appearance. Semi-open head and light bronze grain. Stiff Stalk and Staygreen to provide excellent drought tolerance. Good for dryland fields. 

$202/50# Bag


SP 31A15 S/I

Hybrid Grain Sorghum Early Maturity Very good yeild for early maturity. Good for double crop, late plantings, or shorter growing seasons. Very good drought tolerance and staygreen. 

$178/#50 Bag

SP 31A15

SP 3904 S/I

BMR brachytic dwarf forage soghum that is excellent for producing high quality silage. Reaches soft dough in approximately 110 days. Brachytic dwarf trait reduced plant height and improves standability. Good drought tolerance. If you've tried SP3903 in the past, you'll like this variety. 

$198/#50 Bag

Sordan 79

Sorghum x Sudangrass hybrid well suited for use as emergency feed. Best used for hay, haylage, and greenchop. Can also be used for grazing and ground cover. Good for late summer planting. 

$47/# Bag

SP 7106 BMR

BMR Sudan x Sudan cross. Because it is photoperiod sensitive it will not head under most conditions providing great harvest flexibility. Can tolerate high cutting frequencies and intensive grazing. Fine stems and high leaf-to-stem ratio. Suitable for grazing, haylage, or dry hay. 

$80/50# Bag

SP7106 BMR full Plant.JPG

SP 7715 S/I

Medium-Full bronze colored grain with very high, stable yields and a robust disease package. Superb tolerance to anthracnose, all downy mildew pathotypes, and white sugarcane aphdis. Semi-open head and very good threshability. Excellent standability and drought tolerance. 

$185/50# Bag


SP 68M57 S/I

Medium Maturity. 66-71 days to 50% bloom. Bronze grain. High yeilding medium to medium-full hybrid. 

$194/#50 Bag



NK300 is highly desirable due to low lignin content. Large grain heads and the high grain to forage ratio gives it the potential to produce high quality silage. NK300 is a proven, dependable medium-early hybrid forage sorghum adapted in a wide range of growing conditions. This hybrid averages about 6′ to 7′ and has excellent standability throughout the growing season. Good stress tolerance helps carry NK300 through stressful conditions. 

$117/50# bag

SP7106 BMR full Plant.JPG

Trudan Headless

Sudangrass X Sudangrass Photoperiod sensitive-(headless) Extended harvet window Tolerates high cutting frequencies. 

$70/#50 Bag

Trudan 8

Sudangrass X Sudangrass Exceptional quality summer forage. Tolerates high cutting frequency. 

$65/#50 Bag

Trudan 8  Stalk Close up - 4.JPG