4"x4"x4.5" Hand Held Scuffle Hoe. Great for raised beds or up close weeding.

Rogue Hoe 60S

4"x4"x6" Scuffle Hoe. Slides just under the surface of the ground for minimal disturbance. Perfect for getting in close to flowers and vegetables. 

Rogue Hoe 70G

7" Garden Hoe. Measures 7"W x 2.5"H. Curved bottom and ash wood handle. 

7.5" Garden Hoe. Measures 7"W x 2"H with a swan neck and sharp straight edge. Great for getting weeds and also making seed rows for easy seed placement. 

Rogue Hoe 55F 5.5" Field Hoe. Measures 5.5"W x 6.12"H sharp on all three sides. Works well on small or large weeds. Ash wood handle

Rogue 70F

70F Field Hoe. Measures 7"W x 6.5"H and is sharpened on all 3 sides. Perfect for heavy duty applications.

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