Super Event

Through March 31st you can get 20% off MSRP on a Hustler Turf X-One, Super S, Super Z, HyperDrive, or Super 88! Take advantage of these huge savings today! We have units in stock ready to go!

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Raptor X

Hustler Turf Raptor deck sizes include 42" & 54". All units com with a Kawasaki engine and 3 year/300 hour limited warranty.  7mph mowing speed Pricing starts at $3099.

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FasTrak SDX

Hustler Turf FasTrak SDX deck sizes include 48", 54", and 60". All units come with a Kawasaki engine and 4 year/1000 hour limited warranty. Mow at speeds up to 9mph.  Pricing starts at $7,799.

Super S

Hustler's stand on mower the Super S is outstanding in performance and comfort. Available in 36" 48" 52" and 60" decks. Optional 2 year no hour limit or 5 year 500 hour limit warranty. Easily navigate tight spaces with its compact stand on design and operator friendly controls. Currently we have a 52" with a Kawasaki FX691 22 hp engine in stock. Call for demo pricing or more information on other models.  

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Hustler Turf Lineup

Don't see what you're looking for? Call us! We offer all of Hustler Turf's extensive mower lineup from the Dash all the way to the Super 104 or Diesel Z. If we don't have it in stock we will order it for you. Your satisfaction is our goal! We look forward to hearing from you. All pricing shown does not include current sales or promotions. Please call for Special pricing. Hustler Turf units start at $2,299.

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Raptor XD

Hustler Turf Raptor XD deck sizes start at 42". All units com with a Kawasaki engine and 3 year300 hour limited warranty. 7.5mph mowing speed. Pricing starts at $4099.


We have a X-One 60" RD demo unit. It has a Kawasaki FX730 engine. 5 year/500 hour limit or 2 year/no hour limit warranty.  Call us for pricing!

Model Close Out Units

We have close out models in stock available for a reduced price. We have a Raptor 52", two Raptor SD 54" units, and one Raptor SD 60". Please call for pricing and availability. 

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Hustler Turf FasTrak decks come in 48", 54", & 60". Units come with either a Kohler or Kawasaki engine.  8mph mowing speed. 4year/750 hour limited warranty. Pricing starts at $6499. We currently have a 54"RD and 60" units in stock. Call for pricing. 

Super Z HyperDrive

In stock Hustler Turf Super Z HyperDrive 60" Rear Discharge. Comes with a Vanguard Big Block EFI 27hp engine. It has a 5 year/500 hour or 2 year/No hour limit warranty, as well as a limited lifetime warranty on the frame and leading edge of deck. This is Hustler's fastest lawn mower and can make short work of large yards. Call for demo unit pricing!

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