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We are a family owned company started in 1978. Starting out as a farming operation it soon grew to include welding, manufacturing and seed sales. Small engine repair came in as owner Lonnie Slagell’s father retired from farming, but couldn’t stand just staying home. This soon grew to be just as much a part of the business as farming. Our company has now grown to include products such as Central Boiler, Hustler Turf, Spartan Mowers, Briggs & Stratton standby generators, Sorghum Partners seed, Green Cover Seed, and numerous handheld outdoor products, but farming has still remained our true love. What truly drives our company and the quality of our service and products is a desire to honor God, His Word, and to be a light for The Gospel to those around us. This is also why we farm the way we do. Striving to be the best stewards we can be of God’s land, we implement no-till, crop rotations, and cover crops with our main goal not only being a profit, but soil health. Family is also a very integral part of our business. Being able to work together every day and have everyone involved is why we are family owned and operated. As the next generation is beginning to tag along we value this management style all the more.     

Who We Are
Faith & Family

Honoring our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is at the heart of all we do, and being a light to those around us and upholding scripture. We also value family and equipping the next generation, which is why we have our next generation along every day. 

Community Minded

We are proud that one of our own is serving the community on the Hydro Fire Department. Always on call, volunteer fireman never know when they will be needed, but they are always willing to serve. Thank you Joseph!


Conserving natural resources on the farm is very important to us. We want to leave as much in the soil for the next generation as possible. We implement no-till, cover crops, crop rotation, and safe input of  applications to improve soil health.

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