Central Boiler

Central Boiler outdoor furnaces are a far more efficient way to heat your home whether you're currently heating with gas, electric, or wood. You can cut utilities bills or reduce amount of wood burned by switching to a wood fired boiler. Click the logo to go to Central Boiler's website to learn more or call us, we'd be happy to talk to you! Below is a list of furnaces we have in stock.

Central Boiler System

How it Works

If you don't tell them, guests to your home would never know your heating with a Central Boiler outdoor furnace. Well except for the amazing comfort! Central Boiler outdoor furnaces can easily be integrated into an existing central heat system or radiant floor heat set up. You can also add individual heaters in different rooms. A small pump mounted at the furnace pumps warm water to your home and into what ever heating system you are using. It's quiet and easily controlled with a normal thermostat. Click the photo to learn more at Central Boiler's website.


Central Boiler's exclusive ThermoPEX is the perfect way to get water from your furnace to your home. Lowers heat loss and reduce amount of wood burned. Outer casing is UV protected for temporary above ground installations,  filled with spray foam around either 2 1", 1 1/4", or 25mm pex lines. We currently have 1" ThermoPEX in stock. Optional end caps make for a smooth transition from ThermoPEX to regular pex lines. 


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Classid Edge 550

Central Boiler Classic Edge 550 in taupe/bronze. EPA certified outdoor wood furnace. Up to 48 hours of burn time (varies based on wood type, moisture content, heat load, and ambient temperatures). Reaction Chamber allows for complete combustion for high efficiency and low emissions. Vertical heat exchanger makes for easy cleaning and improved efficiency. Call for inventory close-out pricing!

FireStar XP

FireStar XP controller allows you to monitor your furnace from anywhere thanks to Wi-Fi! You can view water and Reaction Chamger temperatures, burn times, and furnace mode. You can also have text or emails sent o most any web-enabled devices. Compatible with any E-Classic, Classic Edge, or Maxim M255 PE furnace with FireStar II controller.  *FireStar II controller is standard on select Central Boiler outdoor furnace models. Optional FireStar XP requires outdoor furnace equipped with FireStar II controller. Some models feature integrated wi-fi and don't require FireStar XP to stay connected (see dealer for details).

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Classic 6048 Dual Fuel Ready

Central Boiler Classic 6048 Dual Fuel Ready outdoor furnace in green. RippleTop design maximizes the surface are of the fire box and the HeatLock Baffle traps the heat in the heat collection area. Large insulated cast iron door. Automatic draft control opens and closes as needed to control the water temperature. Dual Fuel ready means it can be fitted with an optional fuel oil, natural gas, or propane burner. Urethane foam insulation all around the water jacket of the furnace. Call for special inventory close out pricing!

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