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Briggs & Stratton Genertor

Briggs and Stratton offers a wide range of generators starting at 10kW up to commercial sized units. They run on either propane or natural gas. Standby generators are installed with an automatic transfer switch that detects when power is lost and starts the generator. Once the power comes back on the transfer switch transfers power back to the utility line and the generator is shut down. Generator sizing is based on your home size and electrical load such as heat and air units and appliances. Call today to find out which generator best suits your home and family's needs, 405-663-2758, or click on the generator to go to Briggs & Stratton's full webpage.

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Our most popular generator is the 26kW PowerProtectDX generator. This unit comes with the a 10 year warranty. It also has the capability of adding on a battery warmer and oil heater. A unit this size can run an average sized home without interruptions to everyday electrical use. 

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