Custom Farming

We offer planting with our Great Plains 2N-3010 No-Till drill. We also have your harvest needs covered with our Gleaner R70 combine. Our headers include platform, Shelbourne stripper, and pick-up. Hauling is done with our semi-tractor and hopper trailer.

Call us today 405-663-2758 

Planting is done with our Great Plaines 2N-3010 no-till drill. We offer planting with or without liquid fertilizer. Guidance is done with Raven Envision Pro auto-steer. Planting rates are as follows:

  • Drilling with fertilizer $17.00/A

  • Drilling without fertilizer $

We are able to harvest wheat, triticale, milo, soybeans, sunflowers, canola, cowpeas, sesame, and more. Rates for harvesting and hauling are as follows:

  • Cereals with platform header $

  • Cereals with stripper header $25.00/A

  • Sesame $25.00A

  • Soybean/Pea $30.00/A

  • Milo & Sunflowers $18.00/A

  • Hauling $.20/bushel

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